Indoor gardening

Learn the Basics of Indoor Gardening

With the help of indoor gardening, almost anyone can experience the satisfying feeling of growing their own food. Easily adaptable to each gardener’s preference, indoor gardens can be big or small, simple or complex, and can grow everything from tomatoes and small fruit trees to herbs and vegetables. But before you start your indoor garden, there are a few things you’ll need to know. This article will give you an introduction to indoor gardening. Here, you’ll learn some important gardening tips, including the benefits of indoor gardening, methods used in indoor gardening, the types of food that can be grown, and how you can start your very own indoor garden.

Benefits of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening provides growers with numerous benefits, namely the ability to grow fresh, healthy food all year round. This food can be either conventionally grown with the help of chemical fertilizers, or organic (a growing method in which only organic matter is used). Indoor gardening also eliminates the need for weeding, and rarely requires the process of transplanting, unless the gardener chooses to do so. In addition, indoor gardening allows one to grow food in a small amount of space with all the satisfaction and benefits that come from having your own garden.

Indoor Gardening Methods

There are many types of indoor gardening methods. Some indoor gardening methods are very simple and conventional (e.g. herb or vegetable gardens grown in plant soil-filled containers, terrariums or herb planters). Other indoor gardening methods are more complex, and even a little on the scientific side. Examples include indoor gardening through aeroponics, hydroponics or aquaponics – all of which are soil-less growing methods. There are even vertical gardens, which grow upwards along a wall or window within the home or apartment, minimizing the amount of space used for the indoor garden. Before beginning your indoor garden, be certain to research each of these indoor gardening methods to find which one best fits your personal preferences and needs.

Foods Used in Indoor Gardening

For some people, indoor gardening doesn’t go any further than seed starting. They simply purchase their plant seeds, put them in an indoor greenhouse and then move them outdoors when the weather has become suitable for the plants. However, there are others that choose to do indoor gardening all year round. Here are some of the methods they use to grow their own food indoors:

  • Herb gardening is the growing and harvesting of herbs. These can be edible herbs or medicinal herbs, depending on the grower’s preference. They can be grown in miniature greenhouses or terrariums, in small plant containers (commonly referred to as herb planters), or even upcycled containers like food cans or milk jugs.
  • Indoor gardening is often very appealing to urban gardeners that don’t have any outdoor space. To grow food, they often plant a small vegetable garden indoors. This is typically referred to as “apartment gardening.” Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, beans and even dwarf fruit trees are all foods grown through indoor gardening. Traditionally, these are much like an indoor version of the outdoor garden; plants are simply placed in containers. However, some choose to pursue hydroponics or miniature aquaponics systems when planting a vegetable garden indoors.

Starting Your Own Indoor Garden

Before you start indoor gardening, be certain that you’ve researched the method you’d like to use thoroughly. Know what supplies you’ll need for your chosen indoor gardening method, including the type of seeds (commercial or organic) and growing medium that you’ll need (soil-less, potting soil, compost, vermiculite, etc.), and whether or not indoor gardening LED lights will be needed to ensure optimal growth. Also, consider joining an indoor gardening forum or group that can help you troubleshoot problems. Doing so will help you find support when you need it most, which will improve your chances of indoor gardening success!


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